College Food: How Good Can It Get?


One of the great equalizers for all college students, it seems, is the right to complain about the food served in the campus cafeterias. And certainly, readers from the Classes in the 1950s and 1960s have regaled me with tales of “mystery meat” served family style at the long tables in Kimball (above, in all its columned glory). But in the five years I’ve worked at Holy Cross…and dined in the many eateries on campus…I have never heard a student complain about the grub. In fact, I hear them recommending certain dishes to visitors, including the much-ballyhooed mac and cheese AND the equally ballyhooable* protein smoothies in Cool Beans. We’ve toyed for a couple of years with the idea of a “Food Issue” for Holy Cross Magazine, in which we would shine the heat lamp on alumni who have made careers in the food industry. But we’d also fold in some recipes from our own College chefs for the vittles that earn them rave reviews (can someone please pass those cannoli balls? And that honey sesame chicken?) I welcome hearing what your favorite food memories are from your campus days. Bon appetit!

* As an editor, I reserve the right to make up words from time to time.

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  1. Clara says:

    Love the idea of a food issue! Great blog!

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